William Morris’s The Earthly Paradise

William Morris’s The Earthly Paradise is an irresistible text: it is rich in language, meaning, ideas, philosophy, history and also topics and themes which still resonate in the 21st century. But it is very long, and is divided into ‘books’ which correspond to months, so what better way to read it than by reading a book a month from February?

Each month we will meet by Zoom to discuss our reading – and you don’t need to be an expert or even an enthusiast; there’ll be no judgment if you didn’t get through the whole book, and we’ll have a friendly, open discussion about the book. If you want to read along but don’t want to, or can’t, join in on Zoom, you can use the comments function or share your thoughts on twitter using the hashtag #YearofEarthlyParadise.

You can read more about The Earthly Paradise in this article I recently wrote for The Conversation.

To find out more, visit the website The Idle Singer of an Empty Day where you can read about the project, find resources, and sign up for further information including how to join the online events or participate using social media.

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