Pest of British: Knitted Vegetable Garden

At mac (Midlands Arts Centre) today (where, incidentally, I had their gorgeous white chocolate and cranberry tiffin), I saw the most amazing knitted display: Pest of British, a knitted vegetable garden which was previously on display at Gardeners’ World Live at the NEC. Only a small portion of it is at the mac; the original was too big, but what’s there gives a good idea of the skill and creativity that has gone into it. Knitted by Creative Moments craft group, it took about 8000 hours of knitting, and combines the therapeutic pursuits of knitting and gardening. The idea is to show how a vegetable garden can feed a family, with the additional idea of educating children into the ways of growing their own fruit and vegetables, including the pests they might encounter.

This is knitting as sculpture; knitting as art, which blurs the line between craft and art, and is both realistic and representative. There is a range of plants, combined with insects, a chicken, and even a hosepipe. I’m not sure how long it’s at the mac for but do try to see it – it’s really impressive, and has inspired me to knit mushrooms and bumblebees (perhaps I will build up to this amazing tomato plant!)

There are great photos of the NEC knitted garden here.


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