The Mystery of ‘A Persian Youth’

I do like a good mystery, and this one has got me thinking. In BMAG this week, I noticed a painting entitled ‘A Persian Youth’, oil on canvas, painted around 1840, and gifted to the museum in 1930. It was originally attributed to Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and indeed the BMAG website still attributes it to Rossetti; but recent research suggests it’s not by DGR. The gallery are looking for alternatives; suggestions have included an early Millais, or even Richard Dadd. Any suggestions? To me, there is something about this chap’s face which reminds me of some of the faces in Millais’s ‘Ferdinand and Isabella’, but of course that’s not enough to go on. (And actually it seems equally reminiscent of the figure in Dadd’s ‘Bacchanalian Scene’).


  1. Yes, I’m probably inclined towards Dadd too, but wish there was more evidence to go on!

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