National Student Forum 2009 Report

report09The National Student Forum recently launched its 2009 report to Government, covering a wide range of issues which we have discussed over the last academic year. You can read the full report here; it particularly looks at issues around teaching and learning, employability, postgraduate students, mature and part-time students, disabled students, and student accomodation.

The NSF are generally pleased with the report’s reception so far; there has been some interest in it at all levels, from other students to universities to policy-makers. The Independent featured an article about our report launch recently, and today has a feature on postgraduate concerns in particular (for which I was interviewed last week – read it here). Times Higher Education also picked up on our postgraduate issues. It’s great to feel the NSF is being taken seriously, especially at a time when things are difficult for students and change (or, perhaps, revolution!) is in the air.

In the coming academic year, in the context of the launch of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ document, Higher Ambitions: The Future of Universities in a Knowledge Economy, the forthcoming fees review, and the investigation of postgraduate provision in the UK launched by Peter Mandelson in July, we are planning to look particularly at teaching quality and undergraduate fees.

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