Make do and mend…

1769While this isn’t strictly within the “arts and culture” remit of my blog, I’m quite pleased with the most recent product of my down-time, as I have made myself a cushion which resembles one I liked in a magazine, but costs rather less than the £90 of the featured item. Using this knitting chart, I crocheted it, from wool my mother-in-law had cleared out, reused an old cushion cover for the back, and stuffed it with shirts completely worn out by the husband. It’s not perfect, but it has a nice homespun feel to it that seems appropriate!


  1. I think arts and crafts very definitely fit into the remit of the blog, and the cushion is great!

  2. Thank you! It’s so comfortable, I want to take it everywhere with me!

  3. Hi, thank you! Yes it is in dc – although the pattern was for knitting…

  4. Well done & congrats on your cushion i am going to have a go at combining the union jack to a hoody i’m knitting huge leap of faith on my part:) It will be great if i can complete in tis Diamond Jubilee Year.

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